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Monte Cueva - Pilgrim

This is one unique find and got the chance to take a short tour and a few photos to show and create a blog entry for this amazing and yet holy place in the City of Maasin. The history and short information about this place can be read below.

Philantrophists Odong and Loring chung’s extraordinary donation to a grateful Diocese of Maasin offers refuge to pilgrims and devotees. A 30 foot Marian icon perches from a highland over the Via Crucis and Resurrection. A chapel within the cave is the coup-de-grace to the natural wonder, situated 2 kms. From the city proper. Reaching the area is fairly easy and not far away. You just need to take a habal-habal and tell the driver that you want to go to Monte Cueva and they should know the place. It is about 5-10mins. motorcycle ride. You can as well walk, it is not that far and since there are a lot of trees the heat of the sun will not be that strong and there are many houses you will be passing and it is safe as well.

Below image is the main entrance before you start taking a few hundred steps going up to the Pilgrim site.

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