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Paradise of the North - Batanes

As a Cebu based Photographer and Cinematographer it is important and part of my blog to showcase places, not only abroad but especially here in the Philippines, my homeland. Yes, for this travel blog, I will be showcasing how amazing and mesmerizing the beauty of Batanes beholds.

There are a lot of stories, write-ups you can find about Batanes, however, for me personally there is no words that can describe the amazing place. I am just speechless and lost for words about this place. I do agree with what others say about Batanes that when you see the place with your own eyes your perspective and idea about it just disappears, due to its jaw dropping beauty. I will not be writing a lot on this blog but will discuss a few key areas for everyone to have a bit of an idea. I do not want to spoil it too much so that there is something left for you to be mesmerised by its beauty. There are a lot to see anywhere in Batanes that is a guarantee.

When I say everywhere it means everywhere literally. The landscape is just amazing, especially at what they call the Marlboro Country. It has been a few weeks already since I was in Batanes but until now I cannot help but miss the place. It is like a drug that you get addicted to it, having thoughts and at the same time planning in going back to that amazing place. With some of the images below you can see what Batanes is known for, such as the beautiful Lighthouses. They are known to have a lot of Lighthouses and yes they are very attractive to look at especially that they are located at the tip most of the cliffs. Views are breathtaking not only where the lighthouse is located but also the view you see being inside and on the lighthouse viewing deck. It is like getting a 360-degree preview of the amazing island.

Morong Arc - This is located at Nakabuang Beach at Sabtang Island. It is not that far from the capital which is Basco, however you will have to cross the island using a banca which can take around 30mins. travel time. Basco Lighthouse - One of the ideal Lighthouses you need to visit, especially during sunset. This is the lighthouse that is facing the west side of the island so you will be able to see the sun sets on the horizon clearly. The rest of the places are along the beach lines, well-carved cliffs, white sand beaches at Nakabuang Beach in Sabtang Island. Marlboro Country, the image where you see cows in silhouette. I would recommend anyone who has a drone to bring them with you, for me it is a must that you bring it when you visit Batanes, it will be a waste if you will not be able to take beautiful landscape photos with your drone and not to mention, getting cinematic videos of the place. Though it is windy so always be careful when flying your drone as it is the most critical part due to some strong winds which could crash your drone. That is it for now and I hope you enjoy some of the photos I have taken during my stay at this amazing place.