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Jeas + Anne Engagement

I think it is safe to say that we as human is dependent with each other. It may happen in different ways but in reality it is this one thing that connects us all, and that is "Love.".

It was rewarding and fulfilling when I did the prenuptial shoot for Jeas and Anne. It was not an ordinary shoot that I usually do, it was something really special. I know both very well and this what made the photo shoot for the prenup even better and easier. I made a promise to myself that I will make this shoot a unique and memorable one. Indeed way before even we started the shoot it is already going to be a memorable one since the location of the shoot is one of the most sought out place to be, we are talking about the "Paradise of the North", yes I am talking about Batanes Island. For me, the location is just perfect for these two lovebirds. The scenic beauty of the place and the love that both have for each other is the perfect combination. We were there for 3 days and personally for me, those 3 days was not even close enough in exploring and knowing fully the land of the Ivatans. That is correct, the people in Batanes are called Ivatans. A short idea about the amazing place is that I think it is one of the most preserved areas in the Philippines, from the cultural point of view and also the place and lifestyle it possesses.

Going back to the engagement or prenup shoot was very interesting and at the same time challenging. It was challenging in a sense that as a photographer there is just a lot to choose from. That is about the location and the places where you can photograph them. It is just everywhere, however; you just need to focus and stick with the plan then everything went smooth. I am also very thankful to Jeas and Anne as they were really patient and endured the exhaustion, especially that we shoot for the whole day. The weather is actually perfect since it is windy and you cannot feel the heat of the sun.

Another best thing is that we stayed at the most or shall I say the best hotel in Batanes, for me it is like a 5 star hotel, Fundacion Pacita. The hotel is just amazing, and its location is just perfect, it is on top of the rolling hills in Basco Island and you get to see the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful and naturally carved landscapes. I think I have said enough, so enjoy some of the photos taken during the shoot, or you can check the whole album using the link below.

You can see more photos using this link - http://creativecebu.com/albums/jeas-anne-engagement/